Coronavirus: Phase II

Imagine the Dark Ages when Europe was struck down by the Plague and compare and contrast it with the prevalent situation worldwide today. From what records that are available to us of the days gone by and the fortitude with which Europeans fought the scourge encourages us to take similar steps towards coronavirus. Cleanliness is next to Godliness the Europeans were taught and our noble leaders are now asking us to wash our hands as many times. But there abruptly ends the lesson.

Dark Ages meant dark ages, they had absolutely nothing to fall back upon and that was their total handicap. There were no record of their past, there were no literature of any kind to throw light on how they could fight such a terrible disaster and the population was generally illiterate, ignorant and superstitious.

In contrast, today we are fortunate to have plethora of information at our disposal. We also have at our disposal accurate records of how our forebears fought and won decisive battles against such virulent diseases, time and time again.

A certain doctor, Dr June Almeida, nee Hart, had actually discovered and named the virus coronavirus way back in 1960 while she was in St Thomas Hospital in London, England. This is the same hospital where Mr Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England was treated and cured of coronavirus only last week.

Despite this brilliant record, some are blaming the Chinese to have manufactured coronavirus in Wuhan University Lab in China. Be it as it may, the reason of blaming the Chinese appears to be to absolve oneself the responsibility: the Chinese created it let the Chinese resolve it.

Some have expressed fears that Dr Charles Lieber, Head of Chemistry and Biology Department, Harvard University might have his hands in this episode as he was concurrently on the payroll of Wuhan University, China.

Next comes the account of hydroxychlorine. It is derived from the bark of cinchona plant which the Brits had discovered during their colonial era and used to cure malaria. Those who believe in the efficacy of this medicine claim, quinine (hydroxychlorine) not only cures the patient of malaria, it also gives them immunity against coronavirus.

Dr Didier Raoult, a French doctor, has been treating with 96% success his patients of coronavirus with hydroxychlorine. But a patient died despite this treatment and further treatment with hydroxychlorine has been suspended in France until further investigation.

In USA, hydroxychlorine has yet to be tried apparently because Dr Fauci is suspicious of the medicine which only makes one doubt he is driven more by his party loyalty than the medical ethics.

Today USA tops the list of fatalities due coronavirus at 33,434 followed by Italy at 22,170 and Spain at 19,130, whereas the Chinese have recorded only 3,342 fatalities.

Three strains of coronavirus have been identified thus far and wonder of wonders, New York received its coronavirus Strain C from Europe which in turn received it from Singapore. West Coast USA researchers say received their coronavirus B from Mainland China.

It is my belief there is wisdom in requesting Chinese experts to help the world fight this scourge. Time is at a premium.

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