Little Red Book

Some Republicans are showing signs of election fatigue and I don’t blame them, but they are showing, nevertheless. They are somewhat hazy about the objects of their blame but also are ready to exonerate them at the same time if they could find an excuse, any excuse. The Republicans don’t know exactly why their best bet failed and are prepared to blame anyone just to give vent to their feelings of despair.

The past two years, the Democrats spent honing their skills as to how to win the election, not exactly at the hustings but on how to manipulate the juggernaut of electoral system. The Republicans, on the other hand, were more than happy slogan shouting and flouting their Make America Great Again hats. While the Republicans became increasingly more and more vociferous, the Democrats were happy not to show a ripple of emotion in their passive mode of functioning. It never occurred to the Republicans that the Democrats could be very actively engaged at that very moment in their machination of defeating them. Republicans began to believe they have gained invincibility; their rights there was none to dispute.

Hence, the necessity of this Primer for the Republicans. When 2024 comes by, I wish to see the Republicans well prepared with the following if you wish 2020 or 2022 doesn’t repeat.

Lesson #1. Learn everything about the voting machines; how they are programmed and how they are controlled. Don’t be satisfied with just on and off switches. Voting Machines must have double locks and keys at all times, Democrats and Republicans; should not be operable without both sides being present. Install voting machines in your counties and practice.

Lesson #2. Understand how to take control over “absentee ballots” and “mail-in ballots” as and when received. Relate them with the demographic maps, county-wise and if abnormal figures of ballots arrive, exercise your authority to deny inclusion without scrutiny. Don’t wait till the last election day to understand the volume of these ballots. Be absolutely certain, no duplicated votes and illegitimate votes are included in absentee ballots or mail-in ballots and ensure they do not favor only the Democrats.

Lesson #3. Get your maps ready, particularly maps of those States you are interested in. It is my understanding, the Republicans will do well if they paid attention to the States which were in the limelight during the recent election. Mark clearly each and every county of these States where the Democrats live showing total number of voters. Study them carefully against figures obtained from 2022 elections.

It is of lesser or no concern that some States are Republican-safe and some are Democrat-safe States and it doesn’t matter who the election officials are. But the 2020 and 2022 elections have given us an impression that all officials conducting elections in key Counties are Democrats which is what should have alerted the Republicans.

Democrats had deliberately let several chosen voting machines malfunction on Nov 09, 2022 and believe me all the Republicans could do was to raise a hue and cry but nothing more. It not only failed to raise the hackles of the Republicans, it convinced the Democrats that their scheme was working efficiently.

When there appeared an impasse, Democrats were quick to follow Chairman Mao’s dictum, “Raise noise in the East, strike at the West”. Sure enough, as Warnock and Walker election tussle came to a stand still, it allowed them cushion time to win Arizona and Nevada. They began to find a few thousands votes here and few thousands votes there to add up as the Republican just waited there with their mouths wide open unable to utter even a word of protest. This is what I have been calling the mystery of suitcases as the Republicans failed to see why the suitcases filled with ballots appeared only in Arizona and Nevada and why they were all in favor of the Democratic candidates.

Last but not the least, let Republican election workers be not just smart enough but well trained extensively on the above three lessons if you wish to see the change; you do not need electoral reform. Hold training seminars county-wise and most certainly through every one of the blue counties of the toss-up States. Thereafter, station yourself in the premises of the blue counties until the elections are officially over. You will then thank me and you can be convicted you are still a proud American.

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