The King, as Bisnu (Visnu)

From a small princedom of Gorkha in western Nepal, Prithiwinarayan Sah Thakuri (1723-1775) emerged to unify Nepal and establish a successful House of Gorkha until it was self-destruct on the fateful night of 1 June 2001 when Crown Prince Dipendra allegedly massacred the royal family and committed suicide.

King Prithiwinarayan Thakuri Sah was a man with a vision. He understood the advantages the nation would have if it was united under one umbrella and he was prepared to do just that no matter what the sacrifice it demanded. He had visualized Kathmandu as the single entrepot through which entire trans-Himalayan commerce and trade between China and India passed and he wanted to exercise direct control over it.

Since he could not muster an army strong enough to achieve that aim, he relied upon creating distrust and disinformation amidst the target kingdoms; he employed several thousands of brahmins to do just that.

The enterprise succeeded beyond all expectations and when the nation was finally unified the brahmins made their winning move; they declared King Prithiwinarayan Thakuri Sah to be an incarnation of supreme Hindu god, Bisnu (Visnu). Henceforth, the Gurkha King and all his successors received adulations as incarnate Hindu god.

Born in an obscure princedom of Gorkha in 1723, Prithiwinarayan Sah Thakuri became supreme Hindu god Bisnu (Visnu) in 1771. Brahmins alone knew the rituals of how to worship the sacred person of the King (god) which kept his martial subjects at a safe distance away. Most of the Gurkhas as early British writers have recorded were beef eaters until then, now in deference to their god-king, were obliged to exclude beef from their diet. However, many Gurkhas who live in the neighbouring District of Darjeeling and Sikkim, regularly eat beef without any prejudice.

A significant question nevertheless, that now remains unanswered is how are the brahmins coping with such a tragedy since their god Bisnu (Visnu) has been slain leaving only Brahma and Mahes as two supreme gods in heaven.

Photo Prithiwinarayan Thakuri Sah: Courtesy Wikipedia.

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