Pasupatinath of Kathmandu

Sankaracharya was one of the pre-eminent scholar and social reformer and like all luminaries his life revolves around mysteries and more mysteries. For example, scholars place his year of birth anywhere in between 509 B.C.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Buddhism began to take firm roots in Tibetan soil during the reign of King Ti-son Detsen (756-797 regnal period) as he was ably supported by his Nepalese Guru Padmasambhawa, Actually, the Tibetan Buddhism, known as Lamaism

The King, as Bisnu (Visnu)

From a small princedom of Gorkha in western Nepal, Prithiwinarayan Sah Thakuri (1723-1775) emerged to unify Nepal and establish a successful House of Gorkha until it was self-destruct on the fateful night of 1 June 2001