No authentic book has yet been written on the people of Nepal who bear Mongolian features and who inhabit the southern slopes of the Himalayas; they are addressed here as Kirati-Mongolians to give them a separate identity from Mongolians elsewhere. Broadly speaking they are identified as the Gurkhas and the books, written mostly by the British Gurkha officers romanticize the subject for the sake of publicity.

There have been distinguished historians like Vincent Smith, Percival Spear and Brian Hodgson, to name just a few, who had time and opportunity to introduce ab initio the Kirati Mongolians as a subject but none did and the intelligentsia remains ignorant for their lapse.

G.L.Rai-Zimmdar has therefore, taken a bold step to break the status quo ante and decided to write and hopes the readers, both the Gurkhas and those who wish them well, will find the image of the Kirati Mongolians under a clearer and brighter light.

You want to read the ebooks “Anglo-Gurkha Relations” and “The Glory of Kirat History” for one good reason and that is, the author is himself a Kirati-Mongolian Gurkha and being so, most imminently qualified to write these books drawing from the vast reservoir of tradition and folklore that only a true Kirati Mongolian Gurkha can.

Rai-Zimmdar, pictured above, is a retired Colonel of the Gurkhas who now lives with his family in suburban Atlanta, Georgia USA.