Coronavirus: Conclusion

We have followed the Coronavirus Episode from Day One, from its very beginning until today which has led us unto something. We are now ready to conclude this Episode. We have done all our China-bashing and it has led to nowhere, we wasted our time.

It had all begun in a belief that Chinese will be grossly embarrassed and come out with the truth. What truth, whatever that may mean.

Someone, somewhere vaguely understood that the Chinese love exotic meat and perhaps, the coronavirus could be tied down to bat meat the Chinese love to eat. It was easy. The world took it hook, line and sinker that coronavirus began in a Wuhan Meat Market and that the Chinese Government is desperately trying to conceal.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry whoever heard this story began repeating the claim and some even went as far as filing lawsuit against the Chinese claiming billions of dollars is damages.

What did the Chinese Government do in response should have given them a hint; they were as quiet as the stone statues laughing in the garden.

I had been writing in these blogs for months that it was Dr Anthony Fauci who had begun the ball rolling as far back as in 2014 when he contacted Wuhan University and provided necessary funds to conduct research on coronavirus.

So, please understand it: the Chinese are making a simple statement “if you want to know more about coronavirus, ask Dr Anthony Fauci. Also do not forget to ask Dr Charles Lieber.”

Does that mean anything? Everything. The Chinese are not going to spill the beans. They have proved to be a very dependable ally. Trustworthy. The Chinese have let it be known they can be trusted.

And what does Dr Lieber or Dr Fauci have to say? They haven’t been questioned yet but you may reasonably expect they would most certainly not answer any question without invoking 5th Amendment. They owe their loyalty to their own.

This is where our future lie. Today, the Presidents appoint Judges of the Supreme Court and Subordinate Judges based entirely upon their belief whether they are Conservative or Liberal.

No other appointment demands one to confess one’s political belief but let us accept a fact of life, that within next two decades, curriculum vitae of all appointments will include an item asking the applicant to declare if he/she be a Conservative or a Liberal.

Actually, it is a necessity of time.

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