Coronavirus IV

Of all the things that have captivated our imagination as nothing before, coronavirus most certainly comes up first and foremost. Yet, we seem to know so little about it and none seem to care.

The pandemic had at times created itself an aura of negativity and many ignorantly believed it to be a gift from China. There were instances when some Chinese people were treated offensively simply because of their looks. It was reported from England some Gurkhas who looked very much like Chinese had their cars vandalized or even torched.

Some enthusiasts went to the extent of believing that the Chinese Government had clandestinely created this virus in their laboratory and planted it in American soil. Some had the unmitigated temerity of filing a lawsuit in an American Court against the Chinese demanding reparations.

These are the Unknown Fields of coronavirus.

Coronavirus has been with us for as long as we care to remember. But it was first discovered and recorded scientifically by a doctor in the UK who did a research upon the virus and gave it the name coronavirus. It was in 1960 and the hospital where she worked is St Thomas Hospital, London which is where Prime Minister Boris Johnson was treated recently.

It should therefore, come as a surprise that in 2014, Dr Anthony Fauci, then as Advisor to President Obama, had initiated in Wuhan University, China to do a research on coronavirus. This research is an ongoing process and we may wish to know more about it from the horse’s mouth.

As if that was not enough, we had Dr Charles Lieber, Head of Chemistry and Biology Department, Harvard University employed there at Wuhan University carrying out research in coronavirus until now.

Do we wish to know how many millions of US taxpayer dollars have been spent on this enterprise? And, what is the basis upon which we are calling it the Chinese virus and not Sino-American virus?

We may also wish to learn why did Dr Fauci choose Wuhan University of China over all other Universities here?

We do not appear to be in the best of relationship with Wuhan University of China on the wake of current pandemic and need to ask Dr Fauci if he could elucidate what are the reasons we have fallen out of grace from the Chinese having spent multi-million dollars.

Most importantly, how did the coronavirus get out of the laboratory which was funded by American dollars and should have been under surveillance.

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