The Democrats

Now that the Primaries are safely behind, I feel like reminiscing how we have arrived where we are now.

From the very beginning of the Primaries, I have been lamenting that no Candidates has even mentioned the name of President Obama. As if that was not enough, they all had their own Health Care program which clearly suggested they had done away with ObamaCare.

No candidate ever took any trouble to mention if there were any flaws in the existing ObamaCare which they wished not to carry forward. Least they could have done was to explain their reason why ObamaCare is to be replaced by their new version of health care.

Surprisingly, all of them projected a new health care program as if they were all mesmerized by Saul Alinsky’s philosophy, which inter alia, lays down that to gain confidence of the masses one needs to take control of their health care first. Saul Alinsky had spelled out eight-fold process through which a successful leader would gain control over the masses.

The resultant situation however is more like what Aesop would have explained where a blind man is leading more blind men in a dark room looking for a cat which is not there.

Actually, this was certainly the best situation for a young Democrat to have gained control of the situation. All they needed was to stand there and declare, “I am here to lead you back to the well-defined path which has been laid down by President Obama. I propose nothing new.” Not a word less or more.

Of course, one would have to receive the blessings from President Obama and am sure it would not have been withheld. But having secured that, all the candidate needed was to quote his famous words here and there in most appropriate manner.

“My fellow Americans, I have nothing to add”, should have been the candidate’s opening words “to what President Obama has already said” and quote one of his famous words, be it on HealthCare or foreign affairs.

How different the political scene would have been now? How differently the scene would have recreated itself on its wake?

Of one thing I am pretty sure: Joe Biden wouldn’t have come up. And if Joe Biden had not been here the one who spoke these words above would have. And, that would have been the most reassuring scenario for the Democrats.

I have written many times in these blogs about the choice of Running Mate and that conclusion of mine would have been more visible if someone had sought President Obama’s blessings in the beginning. And, here let me quote The Bard of Avon, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

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