Coronavirus Today

Come to think of it: Europe in the Middle Ages was ravaged by The Plague decimating its population and we know it now that it was spread by rats. Coronavirus today however, is being spread entirely by humans.

We are not happy that it was neither rats nor bats nor pigs who spread the disease, it was humans who alone are entirely responsible for the coronavirus to have spread globally within such a short span of time.

In desperation, someone found out that the Chinese scientists were carrying out research on bats and pigs and some birds if they could be carrying the virus. Lo and behold, someone’s fertile imagination worked overtime to distort the information and we were disinformed that the Chinese ate bats and pigs and became infected with coronavirus.

None paused to question the disinformation, which actually was nothing but figment of imagination. How and why should the Chinese create a new virus and name it coronavirus, a very Anglo-Saxon name?

Google it and we would have learnt that the disease has been with us for a very long time. But who cares? We have found a scapegoat.

The Chinese are not demanding an apology. They are happy they could detect the virus and although they suffered the initial brunt of the attack they have managed to control the epidemic with just about three odd thousands of fatalities.

This is precisely the moment we need to remember how President John Kennedy exhorted the nation to go to the moon within a decade and they did. Instead of blaming the Chinese, we need a man to exhort the nation to do research and find a cure for the virus.

Remember, the Chinese have suffered only three odd thousand fatalities but have managed to control the virus. Additionally, they have developed a vaccine with which they are healing their nation and are blaming none.

Isn’t it a shame that the Americans have now gone to India with a request to fabricate a new vaccine to fight the scourge? Are the American doctors and scientists devoid of self-respect?

If politics be at the bottom of this unpleasant impasse, why not throw an open challenge to doctors, Republicans and Democrats alike, to go ahead individually till a remedy is found with philanthropists backing their own.

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