Coronavirus: pps

It has been quite a while since we have been gripped by the unwelcome stories about the coronavirus and its manifestations in American soil. Mercifully, the fog is now slowly lifting and we are better informed to form an opinion, an independent unbiased opinion.

We have now learned that the pandemic virus had entered American soil long before we knew of Wuhan Episode. Coronavirus had come uninvited to USA from Europe and this news is confirmed.

More than two and half million people had arrived from Europe, including Italy, Spain and UK between December 2019 and Feb 2020 and according to the researchers, it is they who brought coronavirus from Europe and not someone from China.

Let us wait and see what further researchers might have to say if there are more than one strain of corona virus.

Secondly, but more importantly, we have now begun to hear the name of Prof Dr Charles Lieber, Head of Chemistry and Biology Department at Harvard University who is also on the payroll of University of Wuhan, China. It is suspected, but not proved yet that Prof Lieber had actually “manufactured” corona virus in his laboratory and then sold them to the Chinese. However, it is also widely circulated that the Professor has been arrested and is under custody pending investigation.

Thirdly, after the momentous discovery of Sir Ronald Ross, the Brits went all out importing and cultivating cinchona plantation in Darjeeling, India. Quinine derived from the bark of this plant cures malaria and this is one of the gifts of British Empire to mankind. However, upon observing that covid-19 has little or no impact in India and Africa, some quarters have jumped to the conclusion that quinine is a cure also for this disease. It is subject to confirmation that ingestion of quinine has created immunity against covid-19 and whether or not it will cure the disease itself requires further investigation.

Corona virus enters human body through breathing air polluted by the virus emitted by an affected person. It lodges in the lungs and unless it is not quickly killed, the patient dies within a week.

There is a remedy, a simple folk remedy. We know the disease has lodged itself in the lungs but the respiratory system can be cleansed without any problem by simply inhaling an antidote; as follows:

Place a scalding pot of water on the table, add a teaspoonful of vicks vaporub and cover completely your head over the pot with a bath towel. Inhale the fume filling up your lungs while the water is very hot.

Corona virus is killed instantly by heat.

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