Coronavirus: postscript

The world is still reeling under the onslaught of corona virus which really caught us unaware. Even months after months of relentless attack, the world at large hasn’t got fully informed of the nature and strength of the enemy numero uno. All that we know of this dreadful disease is that it was first detected in Wuhan Province of China some seven months ago. We will leave it to the future epidemiologists to determine whether or not any current conspiracy theory is credible.

We have but scant information on how to treat this disease. President Trump had announced that quinine is an effective medicine against corona virus but there has not been any follow up information. However, a Governor of a State is reportedly announced indifference to the efficacy of this medicine and we know nothing about the basis of such a claim.

On the plus side we are shown a map of the world where people routinely ingest quinine to treat malaria and who apparently have developed some sort of immunity against corona virus. It is apparent now, but we shall leave it to the future scientists to examine this theory.

Case in point is India; where the incidence of malaria is one of the highest in the world. It was generally believed the disease was caused by foul air of early monsoon season, hence the name malaria from mal air. However, one intrepid Scotsman, Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932) was not convinced and spent many restless years to finally discover the bite of female anopheles mosquito actually caused the disease. Following that momentous discovery the Brits imported cinchona plants from South America and began its cultivation in Darjeeling, India; from the bark of cinchona plants is extracted the herbal drug called quinine. India until a little while ago had been believing ibuprofen to be an essential medicine against corona virus and had imposed a ban on the export of ibuprofen. After learning from President Trump that quinine is an affective medicine, India is now offering quinine to USA.

However, what we need to do is to ask the Chinese for they alone know the answer.

This morning, the Chinese celebrated the end of the chapter of their fight against the disease which they have won. Now, the Chinese have freedom to concentrate upon their moon mission where they are likely to be tending their backyard garden while the rest of the world remain embroiled in this bitter war of attrition.

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