Nothing has had ever so totally gripped our Lonely Planet than by this ubiquitous malady called corona virus. There appears to be a rather enigmatic halo surrounding the true color of covid-19 which it has managed to keep shrouded in mystery, even after it has decimated several thousands of victims on its wake. It has at the same time some very useful lessons for us humankind.

Six months ago the Chinese acknowledged it was struck by a mysterious disease which we subsequently became familiar with as corona virus and identified Wuhan province as its epicenter. While the world watched in anticipation as the Chinese locked the province down and every man, woman and child was quarantined.

The Chinese moved their Governmental machinery as break neck speed to resist this invasion from an unknown element while exploring every aspect of medicine known to man.

Bless the Chinese and their determination to defeat the epidemic. The scary aspect of the case was that the Chinese were treading the unknown ground, there are no precedent to draw any lesson from. Yet within six months the Chinese have wrestled control from the virus and as I pen these thoughts down they have successfully created vaccinations to control the disease.

Europe, on the other hand has become the worst victim, particularly Italy and Spain for they have suffered the greatest volume of loss of life.

USA is now initially resisting the virus and though we are hoping we will soon learn to effectively combat the virus we need to accept we are yet in the exploratory stage. President Trump had announced quinine to be an effective medicine against corona virus but not much appears to have been done in this direction.

A word about quinine: credit must go to that intrepid Scotsman, Sir Ronald Ross who discovered that malaria is transmitted by mosquito bites and that malaria can be treated by quinine. Ever since that discovery, countries where malaria is endemic have depended upon quinine and it is evident, quinine gives them immunity against covid-19.

The nations of EU may have a second look after the epidemic has been brought under control. Italy and Spain are virtually left on their own and so will any other nation to devise their own strategy to fight the disease.

The Chinese on the other hand, have now a clear advantage, while the rest of the world is struggling against this scourge, they are now engaged themselves in rehabilitation and may soon be back on road. The time factor is in favour of the Chinese and six months or more will give them a tremendous lot of advantage.

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