The Inevitable Question

Super Tuesday has come and gone but on its wake tremendous lot of speculations are afoot. Obviously, first and foremost question in every Democrat’s mind is whether it will be Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. But some of them know it, some who orchestrated the Act I, Scene II from behind and when the denouement comes it will not be what everyone has in their mind.

Bernie Sanders had not expected not to win Texas and upon that premise he had calculated to remain numero uno. His plans for the future remains uncertain but he will hang on there as tenaciously as if he is the only serious contender. The most unprepared “guest” however, was Elizabeth Warren and Super Tuesday has virtually killed her aspirations and now her hope is that Bernie Sanders offers her Running Mate position.

If you had been following my blog, I had all along lamented that none of the Democrat hopefuls had even mentioned the name of President Obama and that was pretty strange. Worst however, was their stance that they had all offered a Health Plan in contradiction to ObamaCare and that was even scarier.

Somehow, Joe Biden stepped in belatedly and although he too avoided mentioning ObamaCare at the beginning, he gathered his wits about as he noticed Bernie Sanders going full steam ahead. He was able to give up his inhibitions and valiantly invoked President Obama’s blessings. Sometime during those days, as he began to feel so desperate, he would have requested President Obama for support and By Jove he had not misplaced his confidence.

Joe Biden is a Super Hero now and he should be in need of a Running Mate.

Two names come to mind: the first one I had written in my blog several months ago: Stacey Abrams. Miss Stacey Abrams remains as valid today as the day I wrote it. But, I had not factored in The Obamas then and therefore, I hasten to add Michelle Obama as Joe Biden’s Running Mate; Joe Biden will be twice blessed.

While the Democrats are busy sorting their affairs out, and there is Bernie Sanders still in the reckoning, the Republicans are watching.

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