Afghanistan Today

An historic peace treaty has been signed by USA and the Taliban, which is a recognized terrorist organization and based largely within Afghanistan. However, the two very much affected parties namely Afghanistan and Pakistan, were not invited.

This deal was necessitated due to the promise President Trump had made to the nation that he would bring back home US Military from Afghanistan where they had been deployed for nearly two decades. It has been realized that the war of Afghanistan is unwinnable despite the immensely superior nature of US Army pitted against the people’s Army of Taliban.

We are reminded of the Russian involvement in Afghanistan (1979-88) where they had supported Babrak Karmal’s puppet government. However, the Mujahideen fought the Russians with such tenacity that impressed USA to arm them with stinger missiles. This surreptitious move was made possible by the tacit support of the Pakistan Government and the Mujahideen learned to use the missiles extremely effectively. Eventually the Russians discovered the war was unwinnable and left.

Afghanistan has demonstrated once again that its people are irrepressible they can be subdued by none. Throughout the history, very great military powers have been there, the Greek, the Persians, the Turks, the Mongols and the Brits before the Russians and now the Americans. We need to recognize there is something intrinsic force within the Afghan psyche, the force that has made them invincible.

But it is our immediate concern now that the Treaty has been signed, we have handed the problem lock, stock and barrel to the Talibans and who will henceforth be calling the shots. It is a foregone conclusion that the Government of Afghanistan without active US support will succumb to the Taliban diktat.

Perhaps, it is wise to let the Taliban run the show without any let or hindrance. Once peace returns in the land, the average people will go back to their routine life which will involve growing poppy, it grows naturally in Afghanistan. Upon that, we need to be more vigilant.

I had long been writing my blogs on the best option open in Afghanistan but that chapter has now been closed.

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