Symbolism Galore

We watched President Trump in India and clearly the hosts love fanfare. It is in their psyche. The Brits loved it too but for a reason, Brits actually ruled over India through series of fanfare, all mesmerizing fanfare. The Viceroy rarely took part in fanfare personally so he let his Second-in-Command, the Commander-in-Chief of India stand in for him. Fanfares showed off the glory British Royalty and they gave away such glamorous awards as Knight Grand Commander of the Star of India or Commander of the Royal Victorian Order for all of which were most highly coveted and sought after, a matter of envy amongst the recipients.

It was the acme of the celebrations when King George V came to New Delhi to be crowned King Emperor of India. New Delhi, as the name suggests, was created by the Brits with wide open boulevards, majestic buildings, modern shopping Malls and of course, to crown them all, the Viceregal Lodge, where the King resided.

As King George V arrived in New Delhi, he was received with an impressive parade of British Indian Army which was led by the Gurkhas and the military band played a new anthem in honour of the King Emperor. It was made to believe that the new anthem which exalted the leader of the dusky millions of this land was directed at the King Emperor but after the Brits left the land they disclosed that it was addressed to god, the destiny of Bharat, which is India.

Seeing President Trump go through the same routine, the parade led by the Gurkhas, the same anthem played by the military Band, I could not help but reviewing the symbolism.

However, I was not prepared to believe that President Trump decided to walk through inspecting the Guard of Honour, for which under normal circumstances a vehicle should have been provided.

There was yet another “unforeseen” event taking place while all these ceremonies were going on, just a few miles away there were angry protestors who had turned violent. According to BBC, the Police opened fire and at least nine people were killed before the situation was brought under control.

I am reminded of the visit of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge to the Kaziranga Game Sanctuary in Eastern Indian State of Assam where as the Royal visitors were being entertained at the Guest House, some poachers were reported to have killed a rhinoceros and made away with its horn.

The Press, as usual is having fun at the President Trump’s pronunciation of Indian names during his address. 

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