A Blessing in Disguise

A cursory glance at the Democratic Primary lends us a very serious image of the Party in disarray. It is so serious the organizers are unable to declare the results of the primary which gives us a hint of shady deal behind the screen. Perhaps, it is not in Bernie Sander’s backyard syndrome, not just yet.

While the entire machinery of Democratic establishment remained firmly occupied with the impeachment proceedings, they were unable to notice what was happening in their own backyard. Democratic leadership’s total commitment to the impeachment offered Bernie Sanders an opportunity which he grabbed with both his hands.

Democratic leadership is now reluctant to admit their erroneous decision and so whatever has been done cannot be undone now, they are trying to mend the fence. With a hope of introduction of new faces might alleviate the situation but surely the names of Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar are not the choice of the voters.

Now a billionaire ready to sacrifice hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain supporting the message of support to ObamaCare does not seem to cut the ice. Mayor Bloomberg even suggested the name of Hillary Clinton as his running-mate but they all seem to pale into insignificance in comparison to the appeal of the juggernaut of Bernie Sanders.

Finally, it has dawned upon the Democratic leadership that they have already lost their opportunity of fielding a viable presidential candidate but yet reluctant to support an outsider like Bernie Sanders, a well-known socialist to the core.

Will we be seeing the Democratic machinery piled up in Bernie Sander’s backyard or will they try to field yet another candidate? No suitable names have yet been suggested and those already on the floor are very inadequately matched against Bernie Sanders.

Will Sanders therefore be the face of the Democratic Party in 2020? If on the other hand, Bernie Sanders gets the free rein, we will be hearing more about class warfare, removing belief in God, Governmental control over healthcare and so on and so forth.

The American Voters who are living a life of peace and prosperity, know  better; none may hope the American Voters will give away their American Dream simply because Bernie Sanders says so.

It has been a blessing in disguise.  

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