The Right Royals

Her Majesty the Queen described the year as Annus Horribilis to express her sad experience not as a Sovereign Monarch but as a mother, she was actually chastising her offsprings. The Right Royals do not normally use harsher words, the year was 1992 Anno Domini.

But since then, her children and grand-children have offended the august monarch even worse.

The concupiscible Prince Charles of Wales gave his mother offence no bounds knowing fully well the fate of his great-uncle King Edward VIII, he insisted on marrying a divorcee and yet claiming his right to succession. However, he could yet step aside and leave his first born to become The Prince of Wales, and that is the only honorable thing left for him to do. By doing so, Prince Charles will not only alleviate the pains he caused to his mother but rise a notch higher in public esteem.

Prince Charles is known to have claimed that he wouldn’t wish to be the first Prince of Wales not to have a mistress while he was still married to Princess Diana. As a matter of fact, history will bear this out that was the catalyst which led Princess Diana to divorce him. He ruined his perfect fairytale marriage and he alone is responsible for it.

Admittedly, Queen Elizabeth gave him permission to marry Camilla, but then there is something called discretion. Charles should not have asked that permission which opens the room for question: Can the Royals not have access to sage advice?

What the Royals desperately need now is an organization of checks and balances, comprised of non-Governmental elder statesmen and clergymen whose advice when sought should be binding to the Royals whenever they face a situation as grave as to cause another Annus Horribilis.

It is within the realm of possibility Prince Harry had consulted his father before he married Meghan Markle but what could he expect from a man like Prince Charles? But had there been Checks and Balances in position, Harry wouldn’t have to undergo the stress of life he is facing now.

The affairs of Prince Andrew too would have been handled by Checks and Balances more assiduously without hurting Her Majesty so mercilessly.

Nevertheless, let no mother have to undergo what Queen Elizabeth II has been subjected to through her irascible and wayward sons and grandson. Let us pray.

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