Princely Dilemma

In 1936, justice is served when King Edward VIII decided to abdicate on his own to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson, a divorcee.

In 1953, justice is served when Princess Margaret was denied permission to marry Gp Capt Peter Townsend, a divorced man, whom she loved.

But when Prince Charles insisted on keeping a mistress when he was still married to Princess Diana, their fairytale marriage ended in divorce as Princess Diana refused to accept the crowded relationship.

Then, Prince Charles took the unusual step of marrying Camilla, a divorced woman yet he received Royal Assent and the Church of England took the unusual step of solemnizing their marriage.

His son following his father’s footsteps decided he too wanted to marry Meghan Markel, a divorcee woman of colour. Meghan was received well in the family of Windsor and given the title of Duchess of Sussex but now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel have decided to give up their royal status and make Canada their home.

This decision has made the situation very complex. Will their decision make the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son commoners and will they be stripped of their royal standing? After all, the Crown of England is not just a symbol, it has its own a vibrant life, it is synonymous to everything English way of life.

To find the answer, we must go back to the very beginning. It had all began with Prince Charles and that is where lies the answer. Prince Charles alone can resolve the crisis, he can abandon his selfish desire of becoming future King and redeem the prestige of the Crown.

Time has come now for every Briton to ask Prince Charles to step down, retire to Cornwall and begin writing his autobiography while Prince William becomes Prince of Wales and successor to the throne after his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

In the meanwhile, Prince Andrew need to reconcile to his (ex)wife and resume their life together. Upon the example set by Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, let me hope Prince Harry will see the way and accept the life of a commoner and insist on living like one.

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