We are right

The nation has had been held hostage for the past four months by an undiagnosed fever of impeachment which eventually proved to be just a hoax. However, it has managed to divide the nation irreversibly further into two, we and they, just as I had written earlier like Shias and Sunnis of the Moslem World.

To imagine the Democrats knew all along that they have been playing a foul game is a reasonable assumption, they also knew they would need sixtyseven votes on the Senate floor to win their case where they had a mere fortyseven Democrat Senators. Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Senators were totally blindsided into believing there would be a miracle which will make nineteen Republican Senators to side with the Democrats.

As it began to appear a ridiculous sham, the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell decided to call the bluff. He asked all the Senators to vote yes or no on the two articles of impeachment which the House Democrats had crafted with the Chief Justice Roberts presiding over the proceedings. (It is a Constitutional Requirement.)

The Senators voted as predicted, Democrats voting yes and Republicans voting no while Chief Justice Roberts sat quietly and let the proceedings progress.

It is a matter of interest as to get acquainted with how the impeachment proceedings begin on the floors of the House of Representatives. It is relatively a simple affair there as the leader of the House crafts the articles of impeachment and the Representatives passes the articles by a simple majority.

Not a single instance has been recorded as to how the Democrats had planned to get the articles to take effect given the situation described above. Isn’t there a single voice of reason who would recommend to the Democrat leadership the futility of introducing such a bill?

There was one instance, one and only instance, where Chuck Schumer giving his closing address said, “We are right and they are wrong”. Upon these seven words rests the future of this nation. These are not just passing remarks of a frustrated leader, they are prophetic declaration of America’s future.

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