The die is cast

If I were the speech writer, I would be the last person to advise the President to go out showing V for Victory sign, neither would I make a hit list of all those who have out of sheer malice moved heaven and earth in their attempt to bring dishonor to the name of President Donald Trump. We know who they are but it would be below his dignity now to play the game of tit-for-tat.

First to mind comes the name of Mitt Romney, he has an over-inflated ego of himself, thought of himself as the Presidential material until he was humiliated by President Obama. Instead of gracefully accepting his short-coming he is blaming President Trump for his failure. He expected most unreasonably to be appointed the VP or at least a cabinet berth from President Trump and when denied, he chose the path which led him to vote with the Democrats on the first articles of impeachment. To his horror, he found out, he was the only Republican who had crossed the party line and in great embarrassment to himself compelled to vote against the Democrats in the second article.

Sir Winston Churchill exhorted Britons to be magnanimous in victory and I would quote that in support of President Trump.

But by no stretch of imagination I am here to suggest that they all be set scot free considering the amount of dirt they had willfully been spreading over and over again. Anyone who would speak some blatant lie, some apparently tutored and fabricated and it would be spread like a wild fire. So, time has come for those who deliberately created or abetted mischief to face the music.

While exhorting Britons to celebrate the victory with his famous V for victory sign, Churchill also cautioned them that nobody likes a sore winner. President Trump has had been resolute during the ill-advised Democrats impeachment trial for over four months and he is now magnanimous in his victory.

However, I would not advise the President to say “I am acquitted” for it can be interpreted in more than one manner by his adversaries. The more appropriate expression would be “I had all along strictly maintained my innocence and now I feel I am vindicated”.

Be it far from me to suggest that let us forgive and forget need be the call of the day, I would emphasize it in this historic moment that no President should ever have to face similar situation in future. One way to avoid this would be to amend the Constitution whereby the House too should need two-third votes to initiate the article/articles of impeachment before forwarding it to the Senate for their consideration.

Secondly, and more importantly, I would encourage President’s lawyers to move the Courts without any delay to individually charge every Tom, Dick and Harry with defamation case who had attempted to cause traumatic harm to Donald Trump. I sincerely hope they will.

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