It is a mystery

President Donald Trump has granted clemency to Gov Rod Blagojevich for a reason not quite well known as on today but we can reasonably hope to know the details by and by.

One very obvious reason of President Trump pardoning Gov Blagojevich could be that he is showing off; that he can undo what his predecessor had done. But wasn’t Gov Blagojevich found guilty of moral degradation that he had tried to sell the Senate seat vacated by President Obama. If it be a real question of moral rectitude, then we would expect President Trump not to touch the case even with a barge pole.

Our thought returns to Democrat vs Republican rivalry next. Governor Rod Blagojevich soon after his release declared he would now be a trumpocrat hinting at his desire to leave his Democratic heritage behind. Chances are he is acknowledging now he has found a savior and he would wish to leave his bitter memories as a closed chapter.

Did President Trump win a friend in Rod Blagojevich?

But it is a mystery to me. It is also the very first instance I find myself unable to accept the President’s decision in toto; it is far too controversial.

The President is surrounded by his advisers; astute, qualified and sober advisers. Even then I am inclined to ask, who could have thought of all the people the President should forgive Blagojevich, who could have recommended such a name.

If a Serbian or a Bosnian diplomat initiated the case we will never know. If neither a Serbian nor a Bosnian diplomat was involved then who else is interested in Gov Rod Blagojevich’s freedom?

Is the timing of grant of clemency to Gov Blagojevich important, then we may have to wait for a long time but none will talk and I hate to think the Russians are smiling.

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