Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles

To maintain integrity of history let General Nigel Woodyatt, the Editor of the Regimental History of The 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkhas tell his own story; he has written:

“When it was announced that the Indian troops had left France for ‘another field of action’, General Hutchinson, the Colonel of the Regiment, forwarded to Queen Alexandra’s equerry, for Her Majesty’s information, some details of the second battalion’s service in France as regards casualties, mentions, honours, etc. Promptly, the General received a personal letter from Her Majesty the Queen which has provided an additional source of encouragement to the generations of all ranks of the Regiment. (Queen Alexandra was the mother of King George V).

Dated Marlborough House, 29th December 1915, the Queen wrote:

Dear General Hutchinson,

I have read with greatest interest the particulars relating to the services of my own Regiment of the Gurkhas since the commencement of this great and terrible war.

The record is indeed a very wonderful one, and whilst I most sincerely deplore the loss of so many officers, non-commissioned officers and men, I feel intensely proud of the Regiment which bears my name, and I trust that you will convey to all ranks my high appreciation of their devoted and splendid service to their King and Empire.

Signed (Alexandra)”

Photo and text: Copied with kind permission from the Publishers of The Regimental History of The 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles from 1815 to 1927, Edited by Maj Gen Nigel G Woodyatt, CB, CIE, Colonel 7th Gurkhas.

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