Princess Bhrikuti, the Tibetan Goddess

According to the Nepalese tradition, King Srong Tsen Gampo (pronounced Srong-zen) was a powerful monarch of Tibet and apparently had exerted good deal of influence in either direction of his kingdom. The Tibetan potentate was married to Princess Bhrikuti, daughter of Angsuburma, the Kirati King of Kathmandu as well as Weng Chen, Chinese Princess of T’ang Dynasty of China.

In those far off days, before the recognised establishment of the office of Ambassadors, Kings kept a close watch on neighbourly kingdoms by giving in marriage their daughters; the princesses were the ambassadors.

Fortunately, for King Srong-Tsen and the Tibetans, this was the best thing to have happened for both the Queens were followers of the Enlightened One. Between the two Queens, they were able to convert their husband on to the path of Four Noble Truths in or around 642 A.D. Tibet, as a nation had until then been worshipping a heathen god called Bon which involved forms of secret practices of sorcery.

In an act of gratitude, Tibetans deified Princess Bhrikuti elevating her to divine status and worship her identified as Tara. Tara is manifested in four aura of red, blue, green and golden and the four colours are assigned to the four cardinal directions. Pictured here is the Golden Tara facing the South.


Photo: Courtesy Wikipedia

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